Plastic containers project


Plastic containers 100 x 25 x 40 mm.


The customer’s production line had a very low efficiency (circa 60%). The cause of this low efficiency was multiple stops regularly occurring at different workstations on the line.

The problem was aggravated by the fact that this was one of the only two manufacturing lines the customer had available for this product worldwide. Both lines worked four shifts.

The customer thought that the only possible solution was to build a new production line. As there was no available space, any capacity increase would require enlarging the industrial plant and, in consequence, significantly increasing the necessary investment.

The product was fragile, could not accept contact and was prone to falling from the conveyor. Also, FIFO was strictly required.


It is proposed to install an Inprosy Dynamic Flow Regulator (DFR) to dynamically accumulate products during any stop period and release them back to the line when normal operation conditions are restored.

In order to decide in which area of the line the DFR should be located and the required accumulation time, multiple simulations of how the production line operates are made and analysed. It is determined that an accumulation capacity of 6 minutes is necessary, and therefore the DFR-MC model is selected.

The DFR is expected to absorb a significant amount of the effects arising from line stops, increasing production efficiency and the total output finally achieved.

Achieved improvements

  • Increase of 18% in production line efficiency.
  • Increase in total output by 11 million units per year.
  • Investment in capacity expansion is avoided.

Key points


* NOTE: for confidentiality reasons certain details of the project are omitted

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