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Line Mergers (UL) have been designed to receive flows of products from different production lines, with different or irregular sequences, and to deliver them to a single subsequent workstation in a merged flow and with a regular and stable cycle, thus maximising output and capacity utilisation.

Unificador de líneas producción - Inprosy

Inprosy Line Mergers (UL) allow the combination of two or more production lines or transport conveyors and delivery to a single subsequent workstation.

They have been designed to receive products from different production lines, with diverse or irregular cycles and deliver them with a regular and stable run to the next workstation.

UL devices therefore perform multiple functions: firstly they merge the flow from two or more lines or conveyors and deliver it to a single subsequent workstation; secondly, they stabilise the cycle of delivery to the next workstation in such a way that the products arrive at the required pace and separation; and thirdly, they maximise line efficiency by managing the product flow received from each line to take full advantage of the processing capacity of the next workstation.

The Line Mergers (UL) are based on the concept of Inprosy’s Dynamic Flow Regulator (DFR) and, therefore, they are also fully configurable, suitable for multiple types of products (boxes, flowpacks, bags, tubes, bottles, doypacks, machined parts, etc…) and product treatment is according to FIFO and without pressure.