Rinsers (RI) are devices that receive containers in a continuous flow, hold and transport them individually, flip them to allow emptying and rinsing, cleaning or disinfection, and return them to their filling position.

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The Rinser with disinfection system (RI) is a device that receives containers in a continuous flow, holds and transports them individually and flips them to allow cleaning and cleaning or disinfection treatment.

These devices are adaptable to the specific needs of each case, both in the height and orientation of the product-in and product-out interfaces, as well as in the precise way in which products are held along the track.

Due to their adaptability, the Rinsers (RI) are suitable for a wide range of containers and sizes, including short cans and jars.

Products are handled individually by the Rinser (RI) with a firm and controlled pressure, thus making RI suitable for fragile or delicate products.

RI solutions can be configured in isolation as individual machines, or they can be part of a large project, integrating and adapting to its characteristics and requirements.

  • Individual clamping of each product
  • Continuous flipping
  • Disinfection system integrated
  • Easy Integration within existing line
  • Devices are adaptable to location changes
  • Fully configurable
  • Independent product-in and product-out speeds (up to 60 m/min)
  • Continuous transport
  • Shape of products transported: cylindric or nearly cylindric
  • Side support by wedge
  • Disinfection system integrated
  • Entry and exit of products at the same height or at different levels
  • Pressure-free flipping
  • Control software fully integrated with manufacturing line
  • Made from stainless steel
  • Dimensions: up to 3.5 m x 2 m x 3.5 m
  • Power required: from 0.33 kW to 0.90 kW
  • CE-marked

In which industries can it be used?
It can potentially be used in any industry. The limit is set by the weight and volume of the product to be transported.

What kind of products can it transport?
INPROSY solutions can transport any product below a defined maximum weight and size. For example, flowpacks, boxes, bottles, doypacks, mechanical components, canisters, electronic components…

What is the minimum size of the products to be transported?
There is no minimum size of the product to be transported. It all depends on the shape of the product and the configuration of the solution.

What is the maximum size of the products to be transported? 
Depending on the shape and weight of the product, the maximum limits would be around 600x500x500 mm. For larger sizes, tailor-made solutions could be studied.

What is the minimum weight of the products to be transported?
Depending on the configuration of the solution, there would be no minimum product weight.

What is the maximum weight of the products to be transported?
Depending on the configuration of the solution, the maximum weight would be 20 kg. Tailor-made solutions could be studied for higher weights.

Is it a standard device in terms of size and capabilities, or can it be customised?
INPROSY’s range of solutions includes a line of standard products adaptable to the specific needs of each situation. In addition, INPROSY develops tailor-made solutions through its engineering department.

What is the acceptable cycle range for products to be transported?
The main factors impacting on the cycle that can be managed are the weight and shape of the product. In any case, INPROSY solutions would not be suitable for cycles resulting in conveyor speeds over 80 m/min.

Can it transport different products simultaneously?
Yes, it’s possible.

Can it connect with other devices and/or robots?
Yes, it’s possible.

Would it be modifiable in the future, if necessary?
INPROSY solutions are modular and therefore adaptable and modifiable.

What type and frequency of maintenance does it require?
INPROSY equipment is characterized by their reduced maintenance requirements.

Where can I get spare parts?
INPROSY supplies 100% of the spare parts of its solutions.

Is there technical support?
INPROSY provides technical assistance for all of its equipment.

What is the warranty period?
The warranty time of INPROSY solutions is 2 years or 4000 hours of operation.

With which interfaces is the INPROSY solutions control software compatible?
INPROSY solutions control software is compatible with most interfaces used in the industry.

Is any initial training required to operate and maintain the device?
Yes, training is included with the acquisition of any INPROSY solutions.