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Rinsers (RI) are devices that receive containers in a continuous flow, hold and transport them individually, flip them to allow emptying and rinsing, cleaning or disinfection, and return them to their filling position.

Volteador de envases - Inprosy

The Rinser with disinfection system (RI) is a device that receives containers in a continuous flow, holds and transports them individually and flips them to allow cleaning and cleaning or disinfection treatment.

These devices are adaptable to the specific needs of each case, both in the height and orientation of the product-in and product-out interfaces, as well as in the precise way in which products are held along the track.

Due to their adaptability, the Rinsers (RI) are suitable for a wide range of containers and sizes, including short cans and jars.

Products are handled individually by the Rinser (RI) with a firm and controlled pressure, thus making RI suitable for fragile or delicate products.

RI solutions can be configured in isolation as individual machines, or they can be part of a large project, integrating and adapting to its characteristics and requirements.