Terrines project


Terrine 150 mm x 100 mm.


The customer was installing a new production line that included a filling machine, which, due to its characteristics, would experience serious disruption with any unscheduled line stops. Any such unscheduled stops would require the removal and elimination of all the contents of the filling machine and complete washing to restart production.

The production line included a packing machine, which was complex and would most likely have several daily stops.

The customer was concerned about the possibility that these stops could become significant in number and that, as a result, the repeated emptying and reconditioning of the filling machine would be necessary, thus significantly reducing the efficiency of the line.


The installation of an Inprosy Dynamic Flow Regulator is proposed, with an accumulation capacity of two minutes of production. Given the required accumulation, the appropriate model is a DFR-MC.

The DFR’s objective is to absorb the effects of any possible stops by the packing machine, if they last no longer than two minutes, or to allow a planned shutdown of the filling machine in the case of stops lasting longer than two minutes. In both cases, the effect of the DFR is to avoid having to empty the filling machine, destroy the product and finally wash the machine completely.

Achieved improvements

  • Most unscheduled stops of the filling machine, caused by possible stops of the case packing machine, are avoided.
  • ROI achieved exceeds 100% in one year.

Key points


* NOTE: for confidentiality reasons certain details of the project are omitted

Products used